Topo Camo

Wearing the land

From the ridges we climb and the valleys we set up camp in. To the slopes we lose our breath on, and the rivers we cross in the pursuit of our next target.

The bottom layer of the new Huntech TOPO camouflage pattern is built on the contours of some of the harshest, most unforgiving hunting terrain in the world – the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

With our TOPO pattern, you will be wearing the ridges, the valleys, and rivers as a reminder of the unbreakable bond between us hunters and the challenges of the land that we hunt.

The new TOPO pattern will first be available in our Kakariki Forest colourway.

Why Huntech?

With this technical 9-layered camo pattern we once again push the boundaries of camouflages.

We’ve created a hybrid between digital and disruptive camo that features 3D attributes to ultimately break up and distort the outlines of the human body to make you one with the environment.

Animal Vision
It is commonly accepted that a deer’s daytime and colour vision is pretty average. The nine layers of digital and mimicry elements in our new TOPO Camo have been merged to create a pattern that takes advantage of their limited ability to focus on sharper details and ultimately distort the human shape in their eyes.

For The Bush Stalkers

Kakariki Forest is the first colourway of the new TOPO camo pattern. Mimicking the New Zealand bush by combining vibrant and dark green colours with the forest floor brown, our Kakariki Forest camo will make bush hunters one with their elements.