Expedition Range


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Designed and built to meet the challenges of a harsh climate.

When designing this range, we wanted to hear directly from New Zealand hunters, and so we brought together a core group headed by Joe Edlington (JE Wilds), and had them give feedback during every part of the design process, from the inception of the range, to the testing and trialling that took place under every climate and condition New Zealand had to offer. The results speak for themselves, and we couldn’t be prouder to introduce the Expedition Range.

Huntech has been in the game since 1988, and was for out of an idea to enhance the quality and technicality of hunting apparel being sold in New Zealand (hence the name). The Expedition Range is here to live up to that legacy of innovation, and to bring gear to the market that meets the growing demands for high-performing lightweight materials, and a targeted use of premium natural fibers and non-toxic waterproofing.

The Expedition Range marks a new chapter in the Huntech story, and we hope you’ll back us as we seek to bring our gear and Kiwi innovation into New Zealand, and the global market.

J.E. Wilds wearing the Expedition Range.

A Note From J.E. Wilds:

Back in 2022 I decided to partner with Huntech as my apparel sponsor. Working with good people is incredibly important to me, and part of what won me over was the new direction Huntech was going, their commitment to hyper-specialize on hunting apparel.

As a hunting guide, content creator, and a Huntech Brand Ambassador, I am thrilled to introduce the Huntech Expedition Range, a series of items designed to match the lightweight functionality of European back-country ski gear, while also rivalling the high end performance you’d find from premium North American hunting brands. But what makes it truly special is the collaborative spirit that brought it to life.

The outcome of this collaboration (I feel) will really mark a new chapter in the Huntech story. The Expedition Range represents a new benchmark in NZ hunting apparel, and we couldn’t be prouder to present the Expedition Range. 

J.E Wilds wearing the Primal Merino Hoodie

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