At Huntech Quality is our highest priority

2 Year performance warranty:

If in the first two years after purchase your garment or equipment has a fault due to a manufacturing defect we will replace or fix the item for you.

3 Year registered loyalty warranty:

For extra piece of mind you can register your product online by completing the Warranty Submission Form. Your warranty will automatically be extended to 3 years under our registered member’s loyalty program.

Return Procedure:

Please return your garment or equipment in a washed and clean state to your nearest Huntech agent. Clearly mark or identify the issue to the agent to help expedite the assessment process. They will then return the item to be inspected at our quality assurance and technical department.

Once received by Huntech, the item will be assessed for damage and faults caused by a manufacturing or material defect. If assessed as faulty your item will be automatically replaced or fixed and returned to you as soon as possible.

When assessing faults our technical team will check to make sure that the item has been looked after and that the care instructions have been followed. We will also check to make sure that the issue has not been caused through improper use.

If care instructions have not been followed or the item has been damaged from improper use this will not be covered under Huntech’s warranty.

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